Tuesday, September 4, 2012


End of Summer (vacation)/Back to School

Every year it seems like summer vacation is over way to soon.  This year was no exception.  We had plenty of fun with trips to the beach and water park but the Tuesday after Labor Day arrived more quickly than I had anticipated.


MG was the first to leave this morning.  She had a rough Labor Day weekend (more on that later) so Dad, Mom, K, P, and BK all accompanied her to the bus stop to see her off.



My middle school students were the next to leave.  There was a wee bit of nervousness evident in P's demeanor.  How was he going to cope with multiple classrooms and a locker with a combination lock?  K was the old pro...her third year at the middle school.  She promised to keep an eye on her little brother.


Last to leave was my baby for her half day of afternoon Kindergarten.  She was so excited to finally be attending school that she climbed right up on the school bus with nary a look behind.  

By 4 pm, all were back home excitedly chattering about their days.  The first day back to school had been good for all!

But they'd still rather be...

girls BB1

sharing a wave

Pat surf1

K and K

...as long as there are no collisions between surfboards and noses!

MG was playing on dad's surfboard on our last beach day of summer vacation and took a hit to the nose.  There was a lot of blood and tears and for a while we were concerned that she had possibly broken it.  

MG's Nose

We iced her nose after the incident and by the next morning the dent had pretty much disappeared and the bump was quite a bit less.  3 days later there's a little swelling across the bridge of her nose and some minor bruising but no bump so all is well.  She's a trooper...other than the initial shock and pain, it hasn't bothered her a bit!


  1. Oh my goodness, they all look so great! Amazing how fast summer goes...and also how bloody LONG it takes with my drama queen five year old Grade 1 kid (no? Just me? Okay then!).

    I'm so sorry about MG's personality conflict with the surfboard. That is no fun at all - tell her she looks tough (and also beautiful of course).

    Glad everyone had a great day - hope the first week goes smoothly...



    1. The last few weeks dragged by for us, well for me, as the 4 kids kept fighting and bickering all day long. So you're not alone!! Grade 1 always seems to be a rough time emotionally for my kids..they are trying to be more independent but sometimes still want to be mommy's baby. The drama queen behavior will pass, eventually...


  2. I am so glad her nose ended up alright! And just as glad everyone's first day wet off without a hitch!

  3. Wow, what will you do all by yourself on K mornings? :-) Maybe some sewing? Glad MG is doing okay.

  4. Omigosh an eighth grader and a kindergartner?! Woah man, that'd be rough! And poor MG's nose! Glad she's okay. Hope you enjoy your free mornings!

  5. Glad the first day back went without incident!
    Poor MG - also glad she didn't break her nose

  6. Wow! That's a lot of changes going on in your house, hope you're all adjusting ok. My 12 yr old sounds like your P, this is the first year of lots of different teachers, subjects, books in lockers ..... he's settling in, but slowly. I'm glad MG is ok, it must have been quite a hit. Hope you get to enjoy your sewing mornings ;-)

  7. I always have a hard time the in the beginning of the school year getting a new routine down. With Margot going to be gone in the afternoons, things will really be different. Next year though she goes to full day Kindergarten. What will I do? Maybe get a job??!??

  8. I'm so glad that all went well for your sweeties on the first day of school. I am a kindergarten teacher in Florida and it was our 11th day today. We have full days here for kindergarten and I love it. I enjoy reading your blog and love your sewing projects. I'm sorry MG was hurt but so glad that her nose isn't broken and that she is on the road to recovery. Blessings for a wonderful school year for all!

  9. I love that you took pictures of each of the kids on their first day back to school. Even though we homeschool, I really should have done the same. We started back this week as well....the kids were ready, I was not. :/

  10. Summer flew by for me, too. I so enjoy the days without a schedule and had a hard time returning to one myself (never mind the kids :-)). I hope the year goes smoothly for all of you (noses included!).

    1. Thanks, Uta! I'm missing sleeping in!lol I hope you and yours have a smooth transition to being back on a schedule too.:)

  11. You must be missing them Cindy.
    I love that you have such a big break.

    1. I do. but I'm hoping to eventually put the 4 hour break I have to use sewing...we'll see!



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