Friday, September 14, 2012

Why having a Mom who sews, ROCKS!

(BK's thoughts paraphrased)

Today is Spirit Day at my new school and we're supposed to wear the school colors, orange and blue.  My big sister has a hand me down school spirit shirt from a neighbor but I didn't have anything to wear.:(

I was quite upset until Mom said she sew me a new shirt this morning before I had to leave for Kindergarten.  I looked through the mountains of fabric Mom has until I found the perfect blue and orange knit.  Then I let Mom work her magic while I played Polly Pockets.


I had to check on her a few times and ask her if she was done have to keep Mom on task or she'll wander off and start doing something else.  In the end, she came through and I now have my very own KES shirt!


Mom spent the most time on the letters.  She used some magical thing called Wonder Under to stick them on the shirt front and then she stitched around each letter to hold them in place.  


Me striking my model pose


I also got to wear my cool orange shoes that I talked Mom into buying at Target over the summer.  My outfit is AWESOME!


In case you were wondering, my kickin' new shirt was made using an Ottobre Design pattern, 01/06 #17.  It's a 104 in width and a 122 in length.  Thanks, Mom!



  1. Drumroll.....
    "And the winner of the Sewing Mom of the Year Award goes to .... CINDY"
    .... cheers, applause, fireworks, cannon fire (well, maybe the cannons are a little over the top)

  2. Hahaha! Cute. I wish I had an awesome sewing mom too! :)

  3. Wow! You made it before school this morning!!! I am impressed! I love BK's thoughts added in here. :)

  4. What a lucky girl to have such a great mama!!

  5. Replies
    1. Yes it does! I'm sure lots of us have done last minute projects like this.


  6. Super Mum Award for sewing in the morning on the day it was to be worn!!! Don't say you also made breakfast and packed lunches... LOL!!! The look on BK's face in the last photo shows just how happy she is with her outfit.

  7. Love this!!!! And totally love that you pulled it out last minute - well done!!! And tell BK I *love* her shoes :).



    1. I passed on the shoe compliment to BK and she said "Of course she does! Who wouldn't?"lol

  8. The outfit is awesome!!! I love how you wrote the post, the best part though is how happy she looks in all the pictures, and the great poses :-)


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