Thursday, October 11, 2012

KCWC: Today (Day 4)

I really thought this week would be pretty low key as far as time commitments and that I'd have plenty of time to sew.  Well, I forgot about a football game on Wednesday night (Chiefs won again!) plus a field trip to the farm that I'll be chaperoning tomorrow.  Add in another football game Saturday morning, a party that afternoon, and a wedding to attend on Sunday and pfft! goes my sewing time.  That's the way it goes sometimes.

After the pants I wanted a simple easy project that would take me an hour or so to sew.  The little girls do need some new long sleeve tops and I have several patterns traced off in their size.  But none of them were making me excited to sew.  So, I headed downstairs to the computer trolling through various websites until inspiration struck.  This top caught my eye.  

Hopscotch Gymbo

I took the Oliver + S Hopscotch top and made the front yoke one piece.  I also widened the sleeve cap so that I could gather it at the shoulder seam.  Next time I'll curve the bottom of the yoke a bit more.  A little interfacing on the inside and 2 buttons later and the little girls have a new top!

Hopscotch Gymbo1

You can use any basic t-shirt pattern to get a similar look with a few modifications.  Brittney used the Flashback Skinny Tee to make an adorable dress for one of her twin girls.  She's the queen of the FST...I think I counted 19 in her flickr photostream.:)

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  1. you are so good! you can sew better than Gymboree!

  2. I love it! I am thinking I will be complimenting your compliment soon:) This color will look great on your girls.

    1. I really like that you did a yoke and gathers in the back on yours. I'm thinking I need to 'compliment' that!


  3. The gathers make this such a pretty top, Cindy. Gorgeous colour, too!

  4. This is SO LOVELY. I really really love this and totally want to make some for Ani. Awesome. I'm having my own KCWCFC (which would be kids clothing week challenge for christy) next week because this week we've had a wedding to get ready for today in which Ani is the flower girl and I've been trying to finish a quilt for the couple in question. Coupled with the fact that Monday was a holiday (Thanksgiving in Canada) and it was just NOT happening this week. So next week I'm jumping in. Go team :-P.

    Thanks for the inspiration lovely Cindy - you are magnificent.


  5. This is great Cindy - love the mods :-)


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