Sunday, October 14, 2012

KCWC: The Wrap Up

Days:  5
Hours:  9 
Items:  3
The pants took longer than I had anticipated as I was taking pictures of the construction along the way.  I also ran into trouble with the welt pocket.  Deciding last minute to add a detail you've never done before...not smart.  But I understand how to do a welt pocket now and will definitely be doing more. 
P wore the pants to church this morning so here are a few modeled pictures:
P does not typically wear his shirts tucked in but he agreed (after a bit of grumbling) so I could get some pictures of the waistband and back pocket.

I did add elastic to the back waistband as it was gaping a little at the center back. 

As you can see, the welt pocket isn't perfect.  I ended up using a satin stitch on either side of the pocket opening to cover a few oops.  For fun, I used a Green Bay Packer fabric for the pocket lining.

The pants fill a hole in P's wardrobe and aren't completely boring with the addition of a few hidden Packer homages.:)
I didn't sew everything that was on my original list but I did take care of a project that has been on my to-do list for a few months (mock fly to zip fly tutorial) so I'm considering my participation in the Kids Clothes Week Challenge a success!  In the spring, I plan on having all my projects traced and cut out so that I don't waste time dithering over what to make.  That was a major motivation killer for me.
How did you do?  I'm overdue for a bit of blog hopping and flickr pool looking...I can't wait to see all the amazing creations that were sewn! 


  1. The pants look great on P!
    I had fun this time around - lots of sewing, lots of browsing the Flickr pool and lots of blog hopping! Now I have a list a mile long ;-)

    1. Thanks, Justine!
      I was impressed at all that you accomplished.:) Love all the clothes that you sewed for your kids!


  2. These pants are fantastic!! The looks perfect! I'll have to make a pair for older boys later this fall.

  3. The pants look great, despite the fact the P. had to tuck his shirt in. I'd say a definite success for the week... quality, not quantity, as well as a tutorial and a new technique. I made an average of an hour a day for 6 days... happy with that.

  4. My first thought was wow she got him to tuck his shirt in! haha. These turned out really nicely the fit is great. You're brave to improv in a welt pocket. I think cutting ahead made the week of sewing more fun for me for sure!

    1. Yeah...he wasn't real pleased about that but he humored me! Thanks! I definitely think he'll be getting another pair.:)


  5. I love that you put the Packers in that back pocket =)

  6. That's a very successful week, especially getting the tutorial done. They're very well made pants, and welt pockets get easier!! The satin stitch was a great idea - these pockets always seem delicate to me. There's one Ottobre pattern has an interesting way of sewing welts - putting folds in a long pocket piece, rather than trying to work with small rectangular pieces - I think it's in #39. I'll check it later and get back if I'm wrong.

  7. So nice of you to make something practical for your son. I have to admit my poor son gets nothing handmade, I always felt a little guilty about it.


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