Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hilda Hooded Dress/Tunic

Since the ball point needle was already in the sewing machine, I opted to make knit tunics for my girls. That's so much easier than changing needles to work on the woven fabric projects I have sitting in queue, right?;)
Hilda BK
Hilda Hooded Dress, Ottobre Design 06/07 #27
Modern Workshop Interlock Knit Fabric
I made a size 110, the same size as my gift but added 1 1/2 inches to the sleeve length.  It's buttery soft (I love all the Oliver + S interlock knits!) and sews up quick.  I cut the pattern out last night and spent about an 1 hour 15 minutes sewing it together this morning.  Since BK doesn't leave for school until a little after 11am, she had a new top to wear today!

Hilda BK2
Hilda BK3
Hilda BK5
MG's top is almost finished, she chose a Patty Young knit for hers.  I didn't have enough fabric for a hood so I did the pocket instead to make it special.  I'll finish it up tonight and put pictures on flickr and facebook of her top tomorrow.:)

eta:  Here's MG's top...
Tilda Tunic


  1. What fabulous fabric, Cindy!!! It really appeals to me. Love the style of the tunic. It will give warmth, but without any restrictions.

  2. This is such a fab top, Cindy - and, yes, sewing another knit top is way more easy than changing the needle - lol!

    1. Absolutely! I'm contemplating leggings now but I really should get to work on the woven projects.;)


  3. I had to giggle,I am usually the opposite as I have to change my overlocker over to sew knit!
    Its super cute as is Missy Moo!
    xx N

  4. it's looks comfy, I love hoods & you are such a fast sewist, I can't believe you finished sewing this in only 1h15m!?!

  5. Turned out cute! Do you have a favorite source for your knits? I have the hardest time finding cute knits for the kids.

    1. Thanks! I've acquired my knit stash from a variety of places. Chez Ami Fabrics, The Fabric Fairy, Fabric.com, Girl Charlee, Nature's Fabrics, Sewzannes to name a few. I've heard good things about Print Knits Studio but I've never ordered from there. My recommendation would be to avoid tissue weight knits...they are a pain to sew!

  6. I love that your reason for sewing this was the needle ;-) It's a gorgeous top and fabric, and you sewed it amazingly quick!

  7. 1h15??? I think that the time I need to cut out the pattern lol... I admire you, your work is perfect!!! I'm a new GFC follower ( from Make it Wear it linky ) I'll flick through your blog later ;)
    Bisous, Sparkle



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