Tuesday, November 13, 2012

One Step Forward..

..and two steps back.
Starting Saturday, that's how life has been around here.  The battery died in our minivan, MG is sick, and the disposal under the  kitchen sink started leaking.  That's life!
The step forward is that I finished the Minoru jacket.  No pretty pictures as it's cold and raining here today. 
That's the jacket on the chair!
I ran into some trouble along the way.  I wasn't "getting" the pattern's instructions and didn't feel confident enough to forge ahead on my own.  The sewalong HERE came in handy for some of my head scratching moments.  I did a lot of turning around to the lap top to make sure I was sewing the jacket together correctly.  The one thing I wasn't happy with was the raw seam at the bottom of the hood inside the zipper compartment.  I ended up ripping out all the previous topstitching, trimming that seam and then stitching it all back together above the seam allowance so the seam was concealed.  And my new line of stitching isn't as pretty as the original.  Boo. 
I also made things a little harder on myself through my choice of fabrics.  The main fabric is a stretch denim which I interlined with flannel for extra warmth and the lining is a polyester fleece.  The collar doesn't hold it's shape quite so nice because of my main fabric choice.  The jacket itself is a bit bulky too, though quite warm.;)
I'll get some modeled pictures later this week when the sun comes out again and maybe do a little more detailed write up on my thoughts regarding this pattern. 
Until then, it's back to the sewing room to work on the growing stack of partially finished projects!


  1. I LOVE denim jackets, both the look and for durability. Look forward to seeing the pics. Hope MG is on the mend and the car and sink problems fixed!!!

  2. Uggh! That really is life isn't it? Can't wait to see the jacket on you. It looks like a good pattern.

  3. What I really love about this post is the peek into your sewing room. I love seeing everyone's sewing spaces. Can't wait to see the modeled jacket!

  4. My laptop always ends up precariously perched somewhere in the sewing space, made me smile to see yours in the shot too. I feel your bad weather pain, I'm still working on my plan since our days of hatless/jacketless outside pictures are done. Maybe I should follow your lead and sew a jacket!

    Hope your week gets a little easier.

  5. I hope the week improves for you :-) I love the colour of the jacket, and though the layers made for some trouble, it will be so cosy! I remember having trouble with the very top of the zip, figuring out how to sew it from the lining side so that it would look good when turned right side out. And I dealt with the raw hood seam by lining the hood! Looking forward to the modelled pics.

  6. Ha! I'm with you, Sarah - I love having a sticky beak at people's sewing rooms :-)
    I think you've done a fab job on the jacket, Cindy, and it looks great on you

    1. And this peek was true to life...seam trimmings on the floor and random crap everywhere! Thanks, Justine!


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