Monday, December 31, 2012

The Rest of the Christmas Gift Sewing

The kids on Christmas Eve in their new pjs.
4kids christmas
P: Ottobre Design 06/11 #37 size 140
K:  Ottobre Design 06/09 #39 size 146
(recognize the fabric from the lined pants?)
This year's ornaments
I stayed up until the wee hours of Christmas morning stitching the kids' ornaments for their stockings while my husband assembled the little girls' play kitchen and wrote the clues for the present hunt.  The Matryoshka Dolls were made using a tutorial from Mad Mim.  The bear was made using a template from a Martha Stewart tutorial.
Matryoshka Doll Ornaments
L to R: B, M, and K's
I used the sizes 2, 3, and 4 for the ornaments and various scraps of felt and fabric that was lying around.  I didn't use as much embroidery as the tutorial...I was tired and ready for bed!
Library Bag
This library bag was part of my mom's gift.  I didn't even start it until Christmas Day.*blush* But it is a quick sew.  I used the Mother-Daughter Tote Bag pattern which is a free pattern from Oliver + S.  It turned out smaller than I fault as I didn't read the finished measurements until after I had cut my fabric out.  (That's what I get for waiting until the very last minute!)  Instead of piecing the outside of the bag, I did the base in a blue twill and left over drop cloth from my slipcover for the "main" fabric.  I used 2 different kinds of interfacing...a heavy one for the base and a light weight for the main.  (I was working with what I had on hand.)
The appliques were based on a tutorial from Living with Punks with "titles" on some of the books made from fabric selvedges.  We stuck a gift subscription to Threads magazine into the tote.:)

Guitar strap1
K's Guitar Strap
The tutorial I used was from One Shabby Chick.  I didn't deviate much from the instructions other than reusing the strap inside the fabric instead of interfacing.  I also bought a different kind of guitar strap to take apart since K has an acoustic guitar.  The fabric is Riley Blake "Feeling Groovy" in case you were wondering.:) 
Guitar strap
 Yesterday was our last gift exchange (with my sister-in-law and her family) so I had a little more sewing to do. 

Green Bay Packers Wide Open Pouch
One of my nieces had "anything Packers" on her list so I made another Open Wide Pouch using the Noodlehead Tutorial to put her other gifts (fun socks) inside.  It's the medium size.
My last bit of gift sewing was to make an infinity scarf for another one of my nieces. 
infinity scarves
 I used some of my luscious Anna Maria Horner voile.  Love that fabric!  These started out as 9 1/2 inch tall strips that I cut selvedge to selvedge.  My friend's visual(s) that she so nicely posted to flickr were a big help in figuring out the twist part.  The scarves are such a quick sew that I went ahead and made another to keep.
Everything was well received which was a big relief! 


  1. You managed to get so much done! Love the guitar strap and the pouch. I hope you had some time to enjoy yourself too... :-)

  2. I was still sewing on Christmas Day, too, as we didn't have our family get-together till Boxing Day... LOL!!! Well done on sewing SO many items, Cindy. The little Matryoshka doll ornaments are so, so cute and I love your Mum's Library bag with the books... very, very effective!

  3. You're superwoman! I love that guitar strap. And the infinity scarves are super cute. Hope you can give those busy hands of yours a little break now. ;-)

  4. Everything looks wonderful! I'm loving those nesting doll ornaments. I know x-mas is over now, but my urge to make things with felt has not abated!

  5. The group photo at the beginning is brilliant! They all look so excited about Christmas.

    1. Thanks, Katy! They were very excited.:)



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