Thursday, August 1, 2013

Be Our Guest

flat s ocean
See, the swimsuits did make it into the Atlantic Ocean!
While we were at the beach, we had a visitor who has been traveling the globe!  Her name is Flat S and she hails from New York but has been on a journey to visit with Oliver + S fans near and far.  She has visited Idaho, Los Angeles, Long Beach, and England so far.
Stop by the Oliver + S blog to see what Flat S did on her visit with us!


  1. Well that is simply fantastic- I would have loved that week! Flat S next hosts have a pretty high bar :)

    1. We had fun with the experience! Though my extended family thought I was a little crazy, taking all these pictures of a gigantic paper doll.;)lol

  2. How adorable! I am off to check the bog out.

  3. Oh, can I be an honorary Meninen next Summer? I'd love to learn to surf like Flat S, but not sure I'd like to be buried in the sand up to my head... LOL!!!

  4. Flat Stanley is going to be sooo jealous : ) Loved seeing all of the pics!


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