Sunday, October 13, 2013

Comfy Clothes

Here's my last project from Selfish Sewing week:
Everyday Scoop Neck
Everyday Scoop Neck
pattern:  Ottobre Design 05/11 #4 "Everyday Scoop Neck Raglan T-shirt"
size:  40
fabric:  rayon/poly knit from Joann Fabrics, reverse side used for binding and finishing the hem/sleeves
mods:  cut the longest length for sleeves and body
This is a super comfy top.  Seriously, I could live in it.  The fabric is so soft and warm.  Even though I'm still turning my nose up a little over the glitter/sparkles, I'm going to buy some of the other colorways.  It's that soft and cozy!
The fit is relaxed but still has some shape to it.  The only thing I would change is the sleeve length.  They need to be about an inch longer.  I prefer my long sleeve shirts to hit just below my wrist. 
I wore my new t-shirt to a Cross Country Invitational on Saturday to cheer on K and her teammates.  (Purple and Gold are the school colors.)  But my top wasn't the only item sewn by me at the meet.  K wore her new sweatpants over her uniform for the bus ride home. 
Longicorn Sweatpants
pattern:  Ottobre Design 04/2011 #33 "Longicorn Sweatpants"
size:  146
fabric:  I used a pair of brand new men's XL sweatpants
mods:  added 7 inches to the length, didn't do the front pockets
Since the original sweatpants didn't have an seam on the outside, I taped the Longicorn front/back pattern pieces together.  Why add a seam if you don't have to?  I also cut the pattern out so that I preserved the existing side pockets. 
I deliberately made these extra long so that they will fit (hopefully!) for several years.  The pair of Aeropostale sweat pants I bought for K at Christmastime end about an inch above her ankle now.  They started off plenty long enough...
To truly fit like the inspiration pair, they would need to be narrower.  But I made these knowing they'd more than likely be going on over her uniform shorts.  Perhaps for Christmas this year, I can make her a slimmer pair.  I'm adding that to the list!


  1. That top looks comfortable, glitter and all ;) I do agree I would be pulling on the sleeves I like them to hit just a bit longer too. Smart time savers on K's pants!

  2. The glitter doesn't show in the photos, Cindy. Besides, comfort is more important. Great idea to make the cuffs and neckline from the reverse side... I like the contrast. K. is growing very quickly, so no point making pants that hardly last a season.

  3. Love your top, it looks very comfortable. I was so happy to see the longicorn sweats because they are up this week on my list. I may take your tip and tape the front/backs together so there is one less seam to sew :) Thanks! and they look great too.

  4. Smart of you to use the reverse of the purple knit to do the edges. You know, from the photos I really can't see the glitter/sparkle... I'd say if it's that soft & cozy go for it!
    Seems I'm not the only one with a growing teen, my 15 yo pretty much needs all new jeans/pants, but I can't complain because all this growing these past 2 years was really needed. The teen years is the time to grow, right?

    1. Thanks, Rachel.:) K has really shot up in the last 6 months but I imagine for her, it should start to slow down pretty soon. She's so close to being my height and has already surpassed me in shoe sizes. That means I got back a bunch of my shoes that she "borrowed" because they don't fit her anymore.;)

  5. No se puede apreciar el brillo en las fotos.Se ve super cómoda y linda y además el color me gusta mucho!

  6. They look great! First, I love your top. I'd live in it too. I want to wear it now! And the pants- I've been waiting to see them:) very cozy! I love the cuff- it traps body heat and keeps her warm. Great job!

  7. Nice looking, cozy top! I'll have to put that one on my list.

    Did you add elastic to the waistband of K's pants? Or just the drawstring.


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