Tuesday, January 28, 2014

KCW: The Undies Edition

First off, I want to thank you for your support...
Flip This Pattern Viewers' Choice
The competition was very stiff.  I loved each of the other 3 looks!  Please check out their blogs...they are all talented ladies.  Heidi at greendoodle is having a giveaway for a wall sticker right now. Did you see Al from Shaffer Sisters movie look for PR&P?  The accordion skirt is wonderful! And Janice at So-Cal Sewing's last post is an adorable outfit that she made as part of KCW.
Speaking of Kid's Clothes Week, it's going on right now.  For day one, I finally got around to sewing up some new underwear for the little girls.  I used 4 different patterns to get a feel for which pattern fits what girl the best.
pattern:  Jalie 2564
size:  L
fabric:  cotton/lycra
finish:  fold over elastic
pattern:  Ottobre Design 06/13 #33 'Annica'
size: 122
fabric:  cotton jersey
finish: elastic casing in waistband, picot elastic at leg openings
pattern:  Ottobre Design 06/10 #22 'Dumbo'
size:  122
fabric: cotton interlock, ribbing for waistband
finish: ribbing/elastic at waistband, elastic at leg openings
pattern:  Ottobre Design 04/04 'Panties'
size: 122
fabric: cotton jersey
finish: elastic casings
The verdict...the pink Jalie undies fit BK best while the Apple 'Panties' fit MG the best.
The stripes are my favorite but they were way too tight on BK and rather snug on MG.  Of course, the fabric I used didn't have a whole lot of stretch.  I will try that pattern again with a cotton/lycra.
I'm on the fence with the white pair.  I like the look of the printed waistband against the white but don't care for how the legs fit.
I'll definitely be making more of the Jalie underwear for BK.  They fit perfectly and were quick to sew.  I'd also like to try upsizing the Ottobre 'Panties' for her.  Unfortunately, that pattern tops out at a 122 and she needs at least a 128.  I have plenty of scraps of knit fabric to use, leftover from making t-shirts for the girls.  Though, BK is not too keen on having matching undies and tops!:)


  1. Congrats !!!! You did an excellent job on that outfit and deserved the win :D

    Cute undies! I love, love, love that Jalie pattern myself. Hmm. I should make some today. It is such a great way to use up scraps.

  2. Congrats on the win! Funny enough I also have 3 different underwear patterns that I was considering a similar comparative study of :) Yours turned out cute! Glad you had some winners in there.

  3. Congrats on your FLIP getting viewers choice! Have fun with the prizes :) You'll have to let us know what you chose.
    As for the panties, there's nothing you can't sew. How smart of you to try more than one pattern since you had several available.
    I haven't started KCW yet, with the frigid temps school has been cancelled and I just got over the flu... hoping to get some sewing done later in the week.

  4. Congrats on the win, Cindy.. well deserved!!! My only attempt at undies was a dismal failure and I think it's put me off for life. I don't know that 'Dumbo' is the best name for a pattern. That pair looks like the legs would be way too large. I imagine as the girls get older, they'll only want undies that look like they could have been store bought. The top two most certainly fit the bill, although they'll probably last a lot longer than store bought. Great going making use of small scraps of stretch fabric.

  5. Well done Cindy! That's the best news.
    I love that you went all out and tested all those underwear patterns. I want to try the ones that were in the pre-Christmas Ottobre but haven't got around to sourcing supplies yet. I like those stripey ones too.

  6. Congrats! So proud of you, friend. It is well deserved. And you make your own undies, too?! Okay, you'll be getting your Sewing Queen of Blogland crown in the mail soon. ;-)

  7. I haven't really considered making my kids underpants. But now I am wanting to after seeing these. I do extra love the look of the white ones.Have you made boy underwear? I have so much firetruck knit fabric yet. I should make my son some. He is so tall with no hips that pants, shorts and underwear are always falling off him.

  8. Cute undies (I have many of those same scraps, hehe!) Even though I have those Otto patterns and have made the women's version, I just bought the Jalie pattern because of the size range. No more flipping through Otto issues looking for the right sizes. The Jalie seem to have more modern looking cut, don't they?


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