Monday, January 6, 2014

More Stripes

I've decided to not start sewing any new projects until I get my sewing space cleaned up and organized from the mad scramble of last minute sewing.  But I do still have a few items that have yet to be blogged.  Case in point, this top for BK...

Ottobre  Design 'Talulah' Tunic
pattern:  Ottobre Design 01/12 #24 'Talulah' Tunic
size: 128
fabric:  Pique knit from Jo-ann Fabrics (bought over the summer)
I love the shape of this top and the gathering on the sleeves.  It's done with elastic thread in the bobbin.  It's been well worn in the month since I sewed the top.  It's even got some paint on it.  In a bad parenting moment, I left the craft paint that I used on the kids' ornaments on top of our dryer instead of putting it away in the cabinets over the washer/dryer.  I really didn't think the little girls would mess with it!  Naive me...MG grabbed one of the bottles and the girls proceeded to paint on their swing set.  That, I don't really care about but getting paint on their clothes...grrrr!
Here's 2013's Christmas ornaments....
ornament 2013 collage

Every year, the kids get new ornaments in their stockings.  Some times, they are store bought and have to do with their current interests.  Other times, they are ones I made...typically because I found a neat idea or tutorial.
The idea for these came from Sand & Sisal.  I didn't use glass paint as none of the craft stores in our area had any in suitable colors so it's regular craft paint.  My attempts at using a foam brush or pouncer failed too.  I ended up putting a little bit of paint on my hands and rolling the plain glass ornament(s) around in it.  I had pulled the hangers off while painting so to dry the ornaments, I stuck them upside down on push pins stuck to the top of a cardboard box. 
The girls' ornaments all have their initials on them.  The store was all out of the letter P so for Patrick's ornament, he has a starfish.  A tongue in cheek poke as there's a character on Spongebob named Patrick Star.

Our other Christmas traditions beside the ornaments in the stocking are new pjs on Christmas Eve and a scavenger hunt for the most desired Christmas presents. 
scavenger hunt 2013
Here the kids were on their 3rd clue (it was in the mailbox).  The little girls are wearing Kwik Sew 3105, K is in a pair of Ottobre Design 06/09 #39, and P is wearing Ottobre Design 06/11 #37 lengthened.  All are patterns that I have used many times. 
The final clue led them to underneath their beds.  I had hid the wrapped presents there on Christmas Eve right before we headed out for church.  After all, the only time the kids look under their bed is when I'm making them clean their rooms!;)  What was there?  K had a new camera, P a long board skateboard, M a Kindle, and B a FunTab (small, kid friendly tablet).  All the kids were pleased! 


  1. I think Bloglovin enjoys eating my comments... :) I'll repost since it is not showing up.

    The top is so cute and the gathers make it super interesting. I'm glad she loves to wear it. The ornaments are beautiful and it is such a cool idea to get them some each year. We love pulling out old ornaments and having those memories.

    The scavenger hunt is such a cool idea too - we usually do one at the end each year for the last (and most desired) present.

  2. Love the pj's:)) and the pink stripe is adorable!!!

  3. The gathers at the neckline and on the sleeves make for a very pretty top. The scavenger hunt is a fabulous idea!!!

  4. I love your ornaments and hide and seek traditions. They remember that stuff more than the gifts:) how funny, I keep my paints above the washer & dryer too! Cute jammas & tee- the more I read your blog the more I want to try an otters pattern. Can you believe I've never even seen a magazine?

  5. The tee is fantastic Cindy - & as always, love BK's pose :-)
    The ornaments are lovely too - such a special tradition which they will have for always. My mum is making each of her grandchildren their own set of felt ornaments - she's embroidering their name and the date she made them on the back.

  6. What a great top. And I love your scavenger hunt tradition. I may adapt that for birthdays or something. That is such a cute idea. I love the picture of them running in their new pjs.

  7. The scavenger hunt is a great idea.
    Now you've made me realise what I want to learn to do in 2014 and that's play with bobbin elastic. Things like those sleeves or shirring. It's a great little top and turns a long sleeve T into something a little bit more exciting.

  8. I really like that stripey fabric, and it is such a cute pattern, must dig in to my ODs. And your Christmas traditions sound awesome!

    1. Thanks, Brittney! I wish I could find some more of the stripe fabric as it's holding up fabulously!


  9. What happy memories! I love that you sent them out to the mailbox in their pjs :) I feel your paint pain. I once left a bottle on the ironing board. The carpet was the victim. It was ...bad. I have my first Ottobre in hand. I'm excited to finally give it a go!


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