Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter Gear

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Around here,  winter typically isn't a big deal.  Our average winter high is around 50F.  We might have a day where we don't get above freezing but the temperature quickly climbs back up.  We also don't see much snow. There are years we don't see a flake of the white stuff.  We might have some flurries or maybe a dusting of snow that lasts 24 hours at the most. 

This year has not been average.  We've had two snow storms combined with temperatures that stayed below freezing for days at a time. Some winter gear sewing was in order.

Nature Walk Pants
size:  6
fabric:  brown polar fleece from Joann Fabrics
mods:  added an additional 6 inches to the length
I made these for MG to wear under the nylon pants she wears to play in the snow.  Since it doesn't snow often we don't have snow clothes for everyone.  MG got the short end of the stick this year as the one pair of snow pants I had for the little girls was way too big in the waist for her.  She had a pair of hand-me-down nylon jogging pants to help keep her dry.  With tights and these pants underneath, she stayed warm enough.


pattern:  Double Thick Ear Muff Style Polar Fleece Headband (free pattern/tutorial by Laura of Daily Improvisations)
fabric:  leftover double sided fleece from my jacket

My coat is the Minoru that I made last year.  It's still going strong!

I have been wanting to make one of these since the weather turned cooler.  Do you know how hard I looked for a pattern for one of these?  The biggest problem was I wanted it to be shaped and not straight.  Green Pepper Patterns has one but of course, that was the one Green Pepper pattern that my local Joann Fabrics didn't have in stock.  And once I got it in my head that I wanted to make one, I didn't have the patience to order it and wait for a week+.  

Luckily, in all my googling and searching I came across Laura's pattern.  The headband did the trick and kept my ears warm/hair out of my face while I went sledding.:) 

Last but not least, I finally made the scarf from the Little Things to Sew book. 

LTTS Scarves
size:  the largest but I also added some length to it
fabric:  polar fleece left over from this hoodie and hot pink flannel
mods:  added 8" to the length (finished length is 47")
Scarf Detail  
I found this handy, dandy stitch on my machine to finish the short ends of the scarves.  Now, I've had my sewing machine for a number of years (hand-me-down from my mother) but I was hesitant to try the cartridges that came with it.  There are several embroidery designs and stitches.  But none of the stitches on the main cartridge (it's always in the machine) were quite what I wanted.  So, I looked through the other cartridges, saw this one, and gave it a try.  I'll definitely be trying out some of the other ones on future projects!
Even though it's still winter and still cold, I'm ready to start on summer sewing.  Surely, it's not going to be cold much longer....


  1. Our Winters are even milder than yours... no snow ever. Awesome photo of you sledding, Cindy!!! You've reminded me that I really should explore and use some of the decorative stitches on my machine. It's a lovely way to finish off the scarves.

  2. This winter has been far from average! I'm so over it- though at least we are prepared :) A little bit of snow is fun though, glad you got to break out the sleds and your winter gear looks cozy!

  3. I love all your warm gear!!! And I extra love your stitches. What kind of machine do you have? I have a Janome memory craft. I don't have any cartridges yet but it does have some nice decorative stitches that I often forget I have.

  4. The Earth must truly be wonky on it's axis as we're having an unpleasantly hot summer. Heatwave after heatwave...
    Love that snow photo! And those Nature Walk pants! They look soooo long. the girl's scarves (and themselves) are gorgeous and clever you for playing with the stitches for the finish. Very pretty

  5. Great looking fleece pants! Fleece really does keep you warm - even in WI. Fun picture of you sledding! It looked like you were having a blast. I love the ear band - the shaped ones fit much more comfortably. And, I love the scarves! The snowflake stitch you used is so cute! You guys look fashionable in your winter gear - we just look like giant marshmallows up here! Spring sewing has been on my mind quite a bit.

  6. Good stuff! Thanks for the link to the pattern too:)

  7. You look like you are all having such a good time! The head gear and scarfs look cozy as do the fleece pants. I have yet to sew with fleece. Love the photos!

  8. We do have mild winters as well (no snow ever, although I seem to be the only one happy about this), but this year we are also having bit colder and windy days!
    Love the idea of summer sewing :)

    PS: You do look amazing sliding down the will (and so happy!)

    1. I had a blast, Ana Sofia! It was nice to be able to kick up my heels and have fun for a change.;)

  9. I hope the cold doesn't last too much longer for you. We're having the wettest winter, with lots of flooding. That picture of you sledding is just so wonderful :-)

  10. Great idea for stop-gap snow gear - she'll be able to wear those nice fleece pants otherwise, too. MN winters are colder, obviously, but I remember VA winter is so much more humid - I think it makes the cold really get into your bones more.

    I've had to order all the Green Pepper patterns I have online. How does the fabric store manage to carry only the ones I don't want?


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