Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pretty Frocks and a Top

pattern:  Antoinette by the very talented Nele (I love the School Photo dress with scallops that she sewed)
size:  128
fabrics:  Robert Kaufman Kona Cottons in Crocus, Aloe, and Camellia  (from Pink Chalk Fabrics)
This dress was a true collaboration between BK and I.  The pattern was my choice (with her having final approval, of course) and the fabrics were all her idea.  I turned her loose on and had her put all the solid Kona Cottons she liked on the design wall.  It was truly interesting to see what she chose!  There were plenty of pinks and purples but also a smattering of greens.  I then had her make groupings of 3. She narrowed it down to 2 groupings and chose the above combo as her absolute favorite. 
I admit I was a little nervous and not sure the colors would indeed work well together but happily, they look the same as they did on the computer monitor.  I used a narrow off white piping to accent the armholes and unique pockets. 
I don't know which I  like more...the collar and bow on the front or the back with the V and invisible zipper.  Wouldn't this dress be fun all in one color but with slight variations in shade?  Next time!
size:  6
fabrics:  Roco Beat Ornamental Fabric from Hobby Lobby and Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton, Breakers & Azure from Pink Chalk Fabrics
MG didn't get quite as much input as BK did with her dress.  I chose the pattern and the main print fabric.  But I did let her choose 2 solids from the print to use for the pleated front section and for the bow.  MG and I are pretty much in sync...I would have chose the same colors!
The Birthday Party Dress is a relatively new addition to my pattern stash.  It was one of those that I didn't think much of but then I kept seeing cute versions pop up in the flickr pool.  Next time I sew this pattern, I'm going to try this tutorial and make some tunics with cap sleeves.
I made a tulle skirt for K to wear for Easter but unfortunately, the skirt ended up being a hot mess.  I rushed through cutting the tulle and ended up with a section in the back that was much shorter than the other layers.  It kept sticking out and just looked wrong.  Luckily, K has plenty of spring/summer dresses and wore one of those instead.
"Tiny Shiny" Top
pattern:  "Tiny Shiny" Top, Ottobre Design Woman 02/2014
size:  40
fabric:  Lisette Lawn (spring 2012 collection) from Jo-ann Fabrics
The top has 2 flounces across the front with self fabric straps and an invisible zipper in the back.  The flounces and hem are finished with a rolled hem.  It's a bit big on me.  The neckline should lay flat across the chest.  I've lost about 10 lbs. between running and a bout with a vicious stomach bug and the first place I tend to lose inches is my bust (sadly!).  I really should have measured myself before tracing the pattern off.  But it was good enough to wear with my cardigan.:)
Easter Sisters 2014
Happy Easter!


  1. BK has done well combining colours. The mint green is a gorgeous colour and looks great with the purple and pink. Love the addition of the narrow piping, too. It's a shame we also lose weight from the bust first!!! The flounces make for a dressy top that looks great on you, Cindy, even if it is a little large.

  2. Wow have you been busy! They all look great! I'm loving the turquoise colors - perfect for Easter. Your pictures are amazing, did you get a new camera? My fav has to be BK's dress. She did a great job with those colors. I think your top looks great too, and I always lose weight in the bust, but gain it in the hips first... how does that work? LOL

  3. Beautiful sewing as usual Cindy! Love the Springy colours and styles! You look great too btw! Such a cute top!

  4. Hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter.
    I love the collar & the v-back of the Antoinette, too. And I like your idea of it all one color, but slight variations in shade ~ I never thought of that.
    I've had the Birthday Party dress for awhile & still have not made one, thanks for the link to making it into a tunic!
    Really really great photos!

  5. Love the fabrics and patterns you and the gals chose! How fun that you collaborate with them on these projects. The girls' dresses are so spring-tastic; and I love any top that includes "flounces." ;-) Happy Easter, Cindy!

  6. The girls dresses are beautiful Cindy and the photos are stunning - very professional
    I really like your top too - great colours on you
    (& oh, how I wish I lost from the bust first!)

  7. BK's fabric choices are fantastic! I love the colors in that dress. I haven't bought the Birthday Party pattern because the pleats scare me - I despise forced ironing! The colors of your Easter outfit are perfect for you.

    1. She did a good job, didn't she?:) I think stitching the pleats down will make the ironing bit not so awful. I didn't take pictures until after church so I did give the dress a quick press again before taking pictures of MG. Thanks, Masha!

  8. You all look beautiful! Like advertisements for apples, or toothpaste, or healthy living!!
    Gorgeous colours and I really like your blouse.

  9. Such gorgeous dresses!! I agree with the comment above ^, these are amazing pictures of you girls!!

  10. Gorgeous outfits and everyone looks stunning. Great photos!

  11. Both are so cute, I love that you let the girls pick fabrics (to a certain extent, haha - i do that too when I let Em decide). I haven't sewn the birthday party for a few years now but probably should give it a whirl again - it's adorable.

  12. Great color combo, she's got a good eye! Hope you are feeling better!

  13. What beautiful clothes!!!! I think the fabric choices BK made were wonderful. I have the birthday party dress pattern and hope to make one this summer. I love your version! And your top looks so pretty.

  14. Love the dresses! The piping, colour blocking, all makes me smile :) Your shirt is fabulous too - it't too bad it's too big, b/c it looks great!

  15. ohmygosh! I love that first picture of BK. You all look fab.

  16. All of the above items are beautiful. I love the large ruffles on your blouse and I adore the color combination your daughter chose for the Antoinette dress.

    1. Thanks! I'll be consulting her more for color's one of the parts of sewing I always struggle with.;)



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