Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Almost Time for Summer Vacation

The school year is winding down, not a moment too soon!  Only 8 more days of school and I get my kids back for the summer.  This will be the last summer that the majority of the kids won't have other obligations.  I want to make the most of this time so I'll be cutting back on being online.:)

June is Made for Kids Month.  The above outfit is from day 3.  This is one of those projects that I could be legalistic about but I'm curbing those tendencies and rolling with it.  If one (or more) of the kids wears something handmade, I'll take a picture and post it to the flickr group and instagram with the hashtag #madeforkidsmonth.  The kids all put away their own laundry and get dressed with no input from me (except on Sundays, sometimes) so it'll be interesting to see how often they choose handmade.  P has the smallest amount of handmade clothes (a pair of shorts and pjs) while the little girls have the most.  But even their wardrobes are only about 25% handmade. 

pattern:  Ottobre Design 03/2012 #24 "Tooth Troll" t-shirt
size: 122
fabric:  Cotton Jersey from Chez Ami
I had traced this pattern off right before we went to Florida but didn't sew one up until last week.  It's a pretty simple t-shirt with a v-neck.  This one is too small on BK (luckily it fits MG) as the cotton jersey doesn't have much stretch.  I'll have to trace off #35 which is the same pattern in a larger size range for her. 
And to catch up, I finally got around to making P some summer pajama bottoms...
pattern:  Ottobre Design 06/2011 #37 "Green Check" boxer shorts
size:  152
fabric:  Green Bay Packer quilting cotton from Jo-ann Fabrics
This is my preferred pattern for pajama bottoms for P.  I lengthen it for flannel pants in the winter and sew it as is for summer.  I left off the buttons on the fly this time as he wanted the boxer shorts straight away. 
He's not so keen on posing for pictures anymore so I have to take them when I can get them.  Even if it means that he's wearing a shirt that absolutely does not go well with the shorts and he's wearing socks with flip flops!  In his defense, he had just tried on the boxers to see if they fit when his big sister begged him to come outside and longboard with her as her birthday present (Stella longboard skateboard) had just arrived via FedEx.;)



  1. lol boys never like to match :) and those packer things throw me off every time (living in WI and all). They look great - I just love sewing up that pattern because of the almost instant gratification and nice fit. Plus the recipient is usually very pleased :D We have 2 days left of school..... OMG I can't wait! I hope to enjoy our summer too. I love the tee with the v-neck too. You can never have too many tees!

  2. The shirt looks great and so does the shorts but his picture takes the cake, it looks like something my Wyatt would do. : )

    I hope your family has a wonderful summer! My older boys get out of school in two days, yippy!!

  3. Today was our last day of school. I've got to buy one of this Ottebre magazines! The patterns are so cute...but I'm scared with the tracing I'd just let it sit. So I keep hoping I'll find one dirt cheap; that say there's no pressure. Ha! 25% handmade is darn good Cindy!! You are one of those "sneak attack with the camera" moms too? They call me Mamarazzi. I'm a photo ninja!

  4. Love the T-shirt and the shorts fabric couldn't be a better pick for P. Best wishes for a fun-filled summer!

  5. I'm betting it'll become harder and harder to get photos of P. for Siestas and Sewing. Great action shot on the longboard!!! Love the striped jersey tee. Have a wonderful Summer with the kids, Cindy, no doubt with lots of swimming... precious times!!!

  6. Haha different life phase over here,but my kids dress themselves in a similar fashion- only the shirt is usually inside out and backwards lol. Have a wonderful summer!

  7. Hahaha! Love the socks and flip flops and skateboard and mismatched outfit and the "get out of my face, paparazzi" pose! Too funny!

    I love how much you sew with Ottobre patterns. They do seem to provide more for the "tween" set. I have piles of magazines, but I need to actually use the patterns!

  8. Is that really P? Hehe. He's looking so stretched out. I need to make some summer pj shorts for my boys, too.

    And cute t-shirt! I like the stripes.

    Enjoy your summer! I took a bit of a bloggy break, too, but that was unintentional. Time just flew by without me realizing it (:

  9. Loved your post! Around here, and mainly because I work full-time, summer vacation is quite a stressful time (for me, of course. They always have the time of their life). I do need to rethink a couple of things (thanks for the food for thought) :)

  10. Your kids are so adorable. And your sewing is always so impressive. I look forward to seeing all your pictures of your kids in their mama made clothes on IG this month.


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