Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Over Half Way Through

Day 16 Made for Kids Month

pattern:  Ottobre Design 03/2014 #33 'Grey Stripes' sun top
size:  128
fabric:  Chez Ami striped jersey
This top was actually sewn for BK but MG thought it was hers and while putting laundry away, put it in her dresser.  At least that's her story....;)

It's a cute top for summer.  I have another one cut out that is intended for MG in yellow and grey stripes.  Perhaps, BK will accidentally put that one away in her dresser!

I've really been enjoying participating in Made for Kids Month.  Most of my pictures are ones that I took real quick with my iPhone.  Not pulling my DSLR out means quick and easy uploading to flickr and instagram.  Though, the picture quality isn't always the best.  All the kids have worn something handmade this month.  And there was only one day (June 13) that no one wore clothes that I (or grandma) sewed.  Not bad! 
It's been a lot of fun seeing candid pictures of everyone's kids wearing their handmades.  It's nice to see the clothes being worn for everyday and not only for staged blog pictures.  I hope Made for Kids Month becomes an annual event!
More than Half Way Through
1. LouBeeClothing Hosh Pants (shorts) on MG and Shandiin Tank on BK #madeforkidsmonth, 2. Day 2 #madeforkidsmonth : chambray button down for my oldest #ottobredesign, 3. Day 3 #madeforkidsmonth, 4. Day 4: #madeforkidsmonth I didn't think any of the kids were wearing handmade today but then I realized BK had on a @gotopatterns #studyhalljacket at the bus stop., 5. Day 5 #madeforkidsmonth : Top is #celestialtee from @figgysstudio and shorts are #sketchbookshorts from @oliverands, 6. Day 6 #madeforkidsmonth : #littlelisette maxi dress and #ottobredesign button down. Told you she loves that shirt!, 7. Day 7: Almost didn't have a #madeforkidsmonth picture for today but MG wore a nightgown I made a few years ago to bed tonight #kwiksew, 8. Day 8 #madeforkidsmonth : #ottobredesign knit shorts, 9. Day 9 #madeforkidsmonth, 10. #madeforkidsmonth Day 9, 11. madeforkidsmonth 10 IG, 12. Day 11 #madeforkidsmonth: ottobre design boxer/pj shorts, 13. Day 12 #madeforkidsmonth and BK is wearing her @gotopatterns #studyhalljacket and @thatmoxiegirl #prefontaineshorts, 14. Day 14 #madeforkidsmonth and K is wearing some flannel pj pants that Grandma D made, 15. Post beach #shandiin tops #madeforkidsmonth, 16. Day 16 Made for Kids Month, 17. Day 17 #madeforkidsmonth and it's MG again wearing #clevercharlotte #sandpipertop and #peekaboopatternshop #coastalcraze shorts, 18. Day 18 #madeforkidsmonth and today we have BK wearing a #clevercharlotte sandpiper top and #oliverands #classpicnicshorts, 19. Another day 18 #madeforkidsmonth since the girls needed new swimsuits for the birthday pool party tonight! #kwiksew



  1. I can't wait to have enough homemades in the closets to wear for a month:) great top Cindy!

  2. Lovely top and great wrap up Cindy. I appreciate how time consuming the compilation pictures with lots of links are, even if the Flickr snaps are quick!
    If pinching your sisters clothes is the reward for putting away your own laundry then I'd go with that, at least she's just "doing chores" not thieving at all!

  3. Super cute top with the sleeves and neckline and you know I love the gorgeous blue fabric.

  4. It's a cute top, I would totally sister snag that :) It is fun to see kids wearing clothes in real life!

  5. Wow Cindy - I am super impressed! You and the kids have done so well.
    Love the new top - shall you swap it back?!
    I didn't even contemplate joining in with this event - taking a pic of Harry in his pj's every day would get rather boring.... ;-) (that's about the extent of hand made wearing here right now)

  6. Such a pretty and simple top! I would totally wear that! I frequently "accidentally" put my sister's clothes in my dresser growing up, and we still share clothes! I love this!

  7. Ha! What a little stinker swiping her sister's clothes. It does look really good on her though ;-)
    You are doing a great job keeping up with the handmades "contest"


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