Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Swimsuit Catch Up

Thanks to my fabulous in-laws we were able to spend a week at the beach with my husband's side of the family.  His parents weren't able to come down until Tuesday because his father had been in the hospital with pneumonia.  Luckily, my father-in-law's health improved enough that he could fly down and spend the rest of the week with his 3 kids (+ 3 spouses), 12 grandchildren (+ 5 spouses), and 6 great-grandchildren!

meinen group 2014

The little girls needed wanted new swimsuits for the beach house so I pulled out all my swimsuit patterns and fabrics and let them choose.

tankini beach week 2

BK really wanted another one piece but I convinced her to go with a tankini to make it easier for bathroom breaks. 

patterns:  top- Ottobre Design 03/09 #38 "Seahorse" swimsuit  bottoms- Kwik Sew 3998, view B
sizes:  top-128  bottoms- M 7/8
mods:  a bunch!  see below

tankini beach week 1

Since BK is so enamored by Kwik Sew 3998 I modified the pattern to make the bottoms.  I used pattern pieces 15, 16, and 17 and then added a waist band with elastic.  I could have made the tankini top with the same pattern but I wanted to use an old favorite...Ottobre Design "Seahorse".   Last time I sewed this BK was in a 110!  I cut the pattern off right above the leg openings to make it into a top.  The straps are also applied a bit differently than the pattern calls for.

tankini beach week

BK chose a pink/white polka dot tactel/nylon from my stash and I paired it with a solid pink that Rachel Le Grand from Nest Full of Eggs so kindly sent me.  Thanks, Rachel!

bikini beach week

patterns:  top- Jalie 2564, view B  bottoms- Kwik Sew 3605, view C
fabric:  swimsuit fabric from Hancock Fabrics
sizes:  top- I  bottoms- small
mods:  didn't do the adjustable straps on the top

bikini beach week 2

Jalie 2564 is out of print but it includes a long camisole with shelf bra, double front pull on bra, and bikini or brief underwear.  I originally purchased this for the long camisole but the pattern sat and sat until I this past year when I pulled it out to make underwear for the little girls.  I've made 11 pairs (I think!) and the girls love them.:)  Back to the bikini, MG requested a bikini top that was straight across.  I debated drafting one but then realized that I could use the Jalie pull on bra pattern.  I did add elastic to the binding to ensure a snug fit.

bikini beach week 1

I added a little green tie to the front of the bottoms so that they tied in with the top better.  If I had had more time while sewing these, I would have added a green waistband.  MG loves the Kwik Sew boy wedgies when you jump into the pool! 

pool jumping 2014


  1. super cute suits and that's an awesomely huge family!! what a fun beach vacation.

  2. Wow...that is an awesome family photo! And I'm kind of in love with swimsuit sewing right now! It's the only sewing thing that is cheaper to sew than to buy! Your suits all turned out great!

  3. I love Jalie, especially their awesome size ranges. Love the boyshorts suit.

  4. Fantastic Cindy. Your swimsuit sewing is so impressive.
    Lovely family photo too.

  5. How wonderful that so many members of the family could holiday together, Cindy. I just adore the pink polka dot costume. I thought it was a one piece till I read otherwise... the best of both worlds.

  6. Those are fabulous!!!! They are so sweet and stylish. I love big family pictures like the one you posted.

  7. I love your annual family photo! You're all so gorgeous (and so many :) )!
    As usual, your swimsuit sewing is just as perfect as expected - love those bikinis so much :)

  8. I can't believe you've already used the fabric! Swimsuits look great! I'm guessing that's your annual family vacation, like the Flat S Tour from last year, right? Then I'm sure it was awesome!

  9. They are both perfect! And your in-laws have such a wonderful large family! It must be great to think, I have 12 grandkids and 6 grandkids. What a blessing!

  10. those swim suits could be any cuter! I know Sarah would flip over the pink one. ;) Wonderful family photo too!

  11. What a huge family you have. Lots of smiles all around and so many lovely little ones.
    You must have had such a great time.

  12. What a great job! I am in love with that blue suit (I'll have to scope out our hancock to see if I can find it). You certainly got use out of your patterns :) Your girls are looking so big in these pictures! I hope you enjoyed yourself on the vacation too!

  13. ooh so cute! Makes me wish I was 8 years old and could wear cute kids swimwear again.

  14. (I'm catching up on Blog reading & comments!!) What a beautiful family pic & I'm glad your father-in-law is feeling better! It's bittersweet having to cut larger sizes in favourite patterns, but I love their new swimwear.

  15. Beautiful swimsuits for kids, good for summer!
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