Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Captivating Comino Cap Top & Dress


Comino Cap Top
Amanda, the guru behind Kitschy Coo, has released another fabulous knit pattern! This one is called the Comino Cap Top & Dress.  There are 4 different variations:  a sweetheart seamed top, a single piece cap sleeved top, sweetheart seamed bodice + a-line skirt dress, and a single piece bodice + a-line skirt dress. 

comino cap top
I always look at pattern testing as an opportunity to try new fabric combinations.  K has a lace back white t-shirt that she dearly loves but it was showing it's age.  So, my first size 1 try was a sweetheart seamed top with lace for the upper bodice and back.  Sadly, that one didn't fit K (luckily it fit her friend) so no pictures for the blog.  When it came time for me to sew one of the last pattern revisions, I pulled out some of the stretch lace and paired it with a black cotton/poly interlock.  I love the finished top!  It's a dressier version, something my wardrobe was lacking.

Comino Cap Top
This one was my first Comino Cap Top in a size 4 and one of the earlier versions of the pattern.  The flower print interlock was leftover from a birthday gift I sewed a few months ago.  Not my usual style...I definitely wear more solids...but it makes a cute summer top!
Day 29 #madeforkidsmonth
While digging through my fabric stash, I came across this interlock print that I had picked up several years ago from Hancock Fabrics.  It was on the clearance rack and a steal at $1.99/yard.  K asked for a dress from it so I did the single piece bodice + a-line skirt dress.
comino cap dress
I may be a bit biased but I think she looks gorgeous in this dress!  I sewed a size 1 for her. 
sweetheart dress back

I really like the Comino Cap dress and tops that I sewed.  I'm sure they will become a staple in both mine and K's wardrobes.  I'm looking forward to experimenting with the pattern and doing a bit of customizing.  Maybe even try a maxi dress length like some of the other testers.  You can get your own copy of the pattern at Kitschy Coo's online shop
*I was a pattern tester so I received a copy of the pattern for free.  However, I fully endorse this pattern and would absolutely buy it.


  1. You look stunning in the black outfit, Cindy!!! I wonder if I could modify the pattern to make 3/4 sleeves. It looks so dressy, yet comfortable at the same time. K. looks fabulous in the dress, too... love the fabric. I think you're onto a winner with that pattern.

  2. Love what you've made, Cindy! And your daughter is gorgeous and growing up fast!

  3. Wow! That black/white top is STUNNING Cindy! Great job! I really like the other two versions too! What a winner of a pattern :)

  4. all 3 makes look fantastic - and K does look gorgeous in the dress ;o)

  5. I agree, she looks like a model and your are fabulous yourself!! I can't wait to share patterns with Bella.

  6. Stunning! I love your fabric combinations too, especially the flowers and white, they really make your top stand out :)

    1. Thanks! It's not my usual MO but I'm really liking that top. It's nice for summer, flowers and all!


  7. I like how this pattern can be made to look elegant, casual or lengthened into a sweet dress that you made for K. All 3 looks you made are gorgeous!

  8. Lovely sewing, both you and K look fantastic.

  9. Flawless sewing as always, beautiful results! Amazing fabric stash you have.

  10. What a great group of sew ups! I'm always on the fence about the sweatheart shape would look on me, but I really like your lace version.

  11. I love all your versions. This is a fun pattern! I've been wearing all my versions quite a bit.


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