Friday, August 8, 2014

Hot Pink Ruffle Shorts

The last time I sewed Class Picnic Ruffle Shorts, BK wore a size 5.  She outgrew them at least a year ago.  They were always a favorite so it was time to sew up a new pair.  This time with a few more modifications to make my girl happy. 

The shorts are also one of my entries in the Shorts on the Line 2014 sewalong contest.  If you'd like to participate, more info is HERE.

pattern:  Oliver + S Class Picnic Shorts
size:  8
fabric:  hot pink twill
mods:  A lot!  Zip fly, added 1" in length, added 1" to the front panels on the side, squared off the front panels, put darts in the back for some shaping, topstitched the crotch seam, added raw edge ruffles, and made the fit a bit slimmer  Whew!

Customized Class Picnic

I used my Zip Fly Tutorial to add the zipper and loosely followed my original Ruffle Shorts Tutorial for the rest of the shorts.  I wanted a bit of a slimmer fit so I sewed the inseams and zip fly first and then had BK try on the shorts so I could adjust the fit.  BK's ready-to-wear shorts that she likes have a leg opening of approximately 18".  Based on that and BK trying on the shorts, I ended up cutting close to an inch off the back panels to get the fit I wanted. 

pink ruffle shorts4

I wanted the back to hug BK's curves so I added 2 darts for shaping.  The back waistband does still have buttonhole elastic for sizing flexibility.  I really like the raw edge Hosh Pants that I made for MG back in the spring so I decided to leave the ruffle edges unfinished.  There is a line of stitching about 1/2" from the edge to keep the fraying in check.

The top is also from the Class Picnic pattern.  I wanted to sew a top to coordinate with the shorts and was wishing that BK still fit into the Swingset Tunic.  A lightbulb began to flicker over my head and I decided to try and make a spaghetti strap Class Picnic blouse. 
pink ruffle shorts7
 I finished the armholes with bias tape and then added the straps to the front and back bodices in a similar method as the Swingset Tunic.  I'll post a tutorial when I make the next one.  There are a few snags I ran into that I need to address first.;)  I'm not the first to make a sleeveless Class Picnic, Jessica at A Little Gray made one with bias tape ties last year.
pink ruffle shorts8

This is the perfect summer outfit for my active girly girl!

pink ruffle shorts jump


  1. Adorable shorts - and great model skills from your daughter!

  2. Missy is looking over my shoulder and says "Now I like that, it's so so nice". High praise indeed and I completely agree!

    1. That is high praise!: Thanks Missy and Peta!

  3. She is looking good! I always liked your ruffled shorts (so nice of you to have a tutorial for them). Her hair is getting so long, is she growing it out? She looks so much like you!

  4. BK looks so much like you here!
    I am smitten with the sleeveless Picnic Top. I am also sad that the Swingset only goes to a 5T so this is a great alternative.

  5. These shorts are FAB! Love the mods you have made. And love the top too - I immediately thought it was a Swingset - would love for you to share a tutorial at some point :-)

  6. A gorgeous set, Cindy. The top and shorts go so well together. Great idea to make the ruffles with raw edges. They'll look awesome as they fray a little.

  7. These are gorgeous Cindy. I love how you cut the top on the bias.

  8. What a beautiful outfit! I love the colors and the fabrics you used. The ruffles are so cute.

  9. Ah! That outfit is so cute! You sure made lots of mods to those shorts but it was worth it. Those ruffles.... omg they are so cute and the top matches perfectly. This whole outfit looks RTW.
    (It stinks when they outgrow things that you love so much, lol).

  10. These shorts are ridiculously adorable AND practical! Perfect for a growing girl! I never thought I'd be converted to ruffle *anything* but you ladies and your ruffle shorts are wearing me down! SO cute.

  11. Great outfit, and the perfect compromise for playing, being busy, and girly!

  12. SUCH a cute outfit - and you are always so clever with your customising Cindy - will be checking that tutorial out too as we head into summer.


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