Monday, September 22, 2014

September Stripes

I have always wondered what leads a blogger to go from posting on a regular basis to seemingly disappearing from the online sewing community.  Did something tragic happen or have they quit sewing altogether?

I can confidently say that in most cases it's a matter of life being busy.  Once you get out of the routine of posting every few days it gets harder and harder to find the time to start again.  I'm doing my best to get back in the habit of blogging again.

School is back in session here and fall sports are proving to not be quite as jam packed as I originally anticipated. P broke his left arm at middle school football practice a couple of weeks ago so that cleared tackle and flag football practices/games from our schedule.  He's doing fine...disappointed that he won't be able to play but not in any pain.  With a little extra time available, I'm hoping to get back on the blogging wagon and share on a more regular basis.  Fingers crossed!

fabric:  rainbow stripe knit from the red tag table at Jo-ann Fabrics
size: 2
mods: added 2 inches length and took in bodice by 2 inches overall

maxi dress rainbow stripe top
 Cute fabric, right? Not so cute to try and cut out after it's been washed.  The stripes ended up being horribly off grain.  Luckily, I had been forewarned via Instagram by Laura (@thegrimtuesday) who made herself a Lady Skater top from the same fabric. 

maxi dress rainbow stripes back

 The pattern is great and a very easy sew.  I spent more time trying to make sure my stripes were straight before I cut the fabric than I did sewing the dress.  I'm glad that I finally caved and bought it!  I did add some length to the dress since I wanted to hem it.  I also ended up taking in the side seams right under the arm as the arm holes were gaping a little bit.  From this picture, I can see that K needs a sway back adjustment.  I suppose it's time for me to learn how to properly do one.

K is not the only one with new stripes to wear...

grey stripes sun top
This is my second 'Grey Stripes Sun Top' and this one is officially MG's.;)  The fabric is a nice hefty weight cotton-rayon blend knit that Christine so nicely sent me from The Fabric Stash
grey stripes sun top
I love how her shoulders peek out.  Too bad the top doesn't meet the school's dress code.  With any luck, it will still fit next summer.
grey stripes sun top

Happy first day of Fall! 


  1. Yay! I'll have to check out the Jamie Christina patterns. Both are righteous sews, Cindy! I'm sorry to hear about a broken arm. Stencil the cast!!!

  2. I avoid stripes if I possibly can and you've just reinforced this. It's hard enough when the stripes are perfectly on grain. Having said that, K's dress looks fabulous. You've even matched the binding stripes on MG's top!!! Two great outfits, Cindy.

  3. Love both of these so much. I showed Missy MG's top and she nearly jumped into the computer. Guess what's now on my list.

    1. Thanks, Peta!
      Both MG and BK really liked that pattern. I was hoping K would too but nope!lol

  4. Who doesn't love stripes? Everything looks really comfortable.

  5. I love all those stripes. Gorgeous pictures, too! Best wishes to P, I hope he gets better soon.

  6. Beautiful sewing Cindy!! I love stripes and agree they are a pain to cut/sew/match did awesome!!

  7. What a great maxi dress (it looks soooo long!) I love all the stripes too -- especially the diagonal ones.

  8. Both the dress and the shirt look great...worth the time to match up the stripes. That dress looks so comfy too! As for the blogging...I hear ya, I'm trying to get my mojo back for that as well.

  9. Those are some beautiful clothes on some beautiful girls. Glad to hear you have just been busy and everything is okay.

  10. So sweet!! It's on my list to make Anika that top.....sigh. Someday. I can say with a fair degree of confidence that having twins is TOTALLY the reason my blog came off the rails....working on that. Love this Cindy!!

  11. Ugh so sad about that fabric! It is gorgeous!! You made it work well because it looks perfect on her.
    The shoulder peeks are too cute on the top too. (I wanted to thank you for the kind words on my blog, I appreciated it - still not better but working through it)


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