Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Autumn Secret Agent Trench

This sew was both a pattern bust and a fabric stash bust!

pattern: Oliver + S Secret Agent Trench Coat 
size:  8
fabric:  mustard yellow twill and a floral stretch poplin
no mods

Like all Oliver + S patterns, it's a good one.  It's a bit more time consuming than some if you make your own bias binding for the seams (which I did--can't believe I didn't get a picture of the inside!).  

I sewed this up over a few weeks as my days of being a stay-at-home-mom are over.  I recently started working at a retail store while the kids are in school. Right now it's seasonal but I'm hoping they will keep me on after the holidays...even if it does cut into my sewing/blogging time.;)

My only problem was picking a contrast fabric since I didn't have quite enough of the yellow twill.  The O+S forum (it's all new if you haven't been there recently) came to the rescue and the consensus was to go with a print that I had on hand.  Good call ladies!  Choosing buttons was another dilemma so I sought the opinion of those on IG and Flickr.  Orange was the overwhelming choice and MG loves them! 

See you later, Alligator!


  1. Cute! I started working recently too. Just a couple nights a week, but man my life and free time feel totally different. It had been eight years since I have worked! Yikes!

  2. You can blame work and lack of time for not getting a photo of the bias binding on the inside, Cindy. She's looking very grown up in her new coat. It's a great style to wear with jeans and boots. Well done on finding time to sew, albeit in small amounts. Those minutes all add up.

  3. Que prenda tan chula y que niña tan guapa!

    1. Muchas gracias! Ella ama a su nuevo abrigo!

  4. This looks fab Cindy - great choices for the contrast and the buttons (even though I voted wood ;-) )
    The whole work thing is such an adjustment, huh? (Although last week I had no work days, and found it hard to slip back into my pre-work routine...)

  5. It looks fantastic. I love the yellow with the print and buttons. It is such a special coat. I will have to go check out the new forums. The next pattern I am going to sew fro Oliver + S is the Sunday Brunch jacket so I will probably need some help :)

  6. Congrats on the new job!
    The trench coat looks fantastic. And MG is looking so grown up.

  7. Beautiful coat! All nice and sunny to brighten my cold and snowy day ;-) She looks happy with it too! I have a few O+S patterns that stop at size 8 and I never got around to sewing them :( They always have such nice end results.

  8. This is such a fun, bright, cheerful coat ~ perfect for fall! She looks very pleased with it and she looks like she's getting really tall. You have been super busy & with the holiday shopping season, you've become supermom!

  9. The coat turned out beautifully. the contrasting fabric was a great choice. I just love bright colours on children :) All the best with your new adventure!

  10. This is fantastic! Love the colour.
    Balancing work and family life is a challenge. I hope you enjoy your new job!

  11. Can't believe I missed this! It's perfect, a gorgeous coat, and I'm not a bit surprised she loves it. Good luck with the job, that will be a big change, on the plus side there's more money for patterns & fabric ;-)

  12. This is so adorable. Definitely a good call on the print (and buttons, too.)


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