Monday, April 25, 2011

Details on the Lisette Passport Dress

I'm quite pleased with the final result.  The Lisette Sateen is silky smooth and feels great against the skin.  The dress itself is comfortable.  So much so, that when we got home from church I stayed in the dress, switching my heels for my flops. The bodice is fitted but not overly so and since the bottom of the bodice hits at my natural waist with the skirt sitting a bit off the body so the ravages wrought by 4 pregnancies is hidden nicely, even when I don't suck it in.  Score!

Lisette Dress in Blue

When I first tried the dress on after it was finished, I thought that the back neckline was still gaping more than it should.  I threw the dress in the wash/dryer, ironed, hung it up, and forgot about it.  When I put it on Easter morning, the gaping issue wasn't an issue anymore. 

Back View

The Nitty Gritty Details:  Lisette Passport Dress, Simplicity 2209, size 12 with a 1/4 inch added to each side seam of the bodice and no other modifications.  I decided to not line the bodice of the dress as I wanted to do it out of the same fabric and didn't have quite enough left.  It's a quick sew, I made it in an afternoon.  Highly Recommended!


  1. I can't see any 'ravages' from here :-)
    You've convinced me to make this, I'm just hoping the pleats on the skirt won't be too much for my generous childbearing hips!

  2. You look PRETTY!!! If you don't mention the children you can't see you had them! :)
    I wish I could get those patterns here but for an additional $13 on shipping I rather try to find something alike in Ottobre... ;)

  3. So awesome! The fit is really great. You look amazing. Yeah, another pattern I must buy. Those darts are just so cool. And can't we all use a little help covering up the ravages of childbirth?

  4. Angela, I was worried about the pleats too since I carry most of my weight in my hips. But since the skirt begins above the widest part of your hips, I think it's quite flattering.

    Sandra, That's unfortunate but I bet Ottobre has something similar.

    Katie, Thanks! Oh yes, but it's worth not having a perfect body to have them around.:)

  5. It looks fantastic, Cindy! Great job.

  6. It's such a pretty dress. The fit of both the back and front look excellent.


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