1. Hi there! Thanks for this blog. Love reading it. I am relatively new to sewing - well I learned at high school about a billion years ago. I've just tried sewibng the KwikSew kids bikini bottoms that you show here on this blog. I have simply been unable to work out how to put the crotch and lining together. It looks so ugly and scrunched up. The instruction on the pattern aren't very clear for a beginner either. I wonder if you would consider putting up a video tutorial of you sewing these bikini bottoms together including the pinning part! Long shot I know but I just don't know anyone who sews and there is no help on the net as everyone who blogs about it seems to have absolutely no trouble with this part (just lucky ol' me!)

  2. I owe my oldest another tankini so if you're willing to wait about a week, I'll be more than happy to take step by step pictures of how the bottoms are constructed. There's been plenty of times that I haven't understood how to do something and felt like everyone else got it with no problem so I'm happy to help.:)



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